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August 29, 2005


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You've presented a nice, feel-good answer, but you didn't answer the question. The question asked "how many companies have got the benefits from teambuilding." Why did you not identify at least one recognizeable example of teambuilding improving performance? Your example of the fish with gills really doesn't help at all, because the question was about teambuilding, rather than teams. In order to apply the fish analogy appropriately, the question would be, "is the fish any better off if we work to improve the gills that it has?" I do like many of your ideas and materials, but practitioners in the field of team development would be better served if you could identify concrete success stories and returns on investment (ROI). Perhaps you could at least refer readers to helpful resources. Some of the ROI books from ASTD would be helpful.


I agree with Eric. You did not answer the question.

Second, the major point of Friedman's book, The World is Flat, is you better learn how to collaborate - internally and externally.

Go back to Friedman's earlier book, The Lexis and The Olive Tree and look at Friedman's eleven questions he asks organizations and countries. They speak to the need for team building/team work.



I think you should read and understand the questions carefully before replying.

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