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August 31, 2005


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Barry Zweibel

Nice Posting. Just like there are salesmen (read: use car salesmen) and Salesmen (re: GOOD salesmen), there are teams (re: a loose collection of temporarily assigned, but otherwise unconnected individuals)and Teams (read: a well-functioning entity working toward a common goal).

But then again, we have faux diamonds, the superficiality of network television programs, artificial flavorings, and countless other "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" attributes of our culture. So why *wouldn't* teamwork suffer from the same type of affliction?

There are obvious things a (capital L) Leader can do about improving teamwork, but what do you suggest, Tom, for those assigned to be team MEMBERS?


mohammed shakir

Dear TomHeck
Your articles are excellentkeep it up


Greetings Tom. I found the "Florence Nightinggale" spirit,somewhere else, of course. Your useful info help me to rally my team. I got a good eval too. Thanks Again


Interesting articles and thoughts, which I enjoy reading and learning from them.

The word is spelled:
dying not dieing


This is a very intresting article.Yes I agree that groups are completely different from TEAMS which are bound togather by passion in commiting to the common vission and goals.

Tim Patterson

Another excellent article, Tom, keep it up. I especially like the 'metaphor' descriptions which paint vivid images and make your concept very easy to understand.

Desraj Sharma

Hi Tom,
What a nice and practical explanation! A team is a group of people but a group is not necessarily a team. Your excellent articles help to expand our knowledge. I hope, your this practice will continue.
Desraj Sharma

Graham Lind

Thank you for your continued emails and resources which you share. We find them extremely useful in our work environment.
Graham Lind South Africa

David G

"Team" is a much abused word.
A section of a hierarchical organisation is not necessarily a "Team" - contrast a Formula 1 or Football "Team" - common metaphors, so why is it so misunderstood in the workplace ?

MIchael Goldman,

A high-performing team sometimes comes across in mythical proportions - 'able to leap tall buildings in a single bound'! Yet, for most organizations, just having teams that 'perform' well together is key, Better yet just having teams that are
'sustainable' and 'functional' are keys to healthy organizations. I totally agree that team 'on its way to becoming sustainable, starts with the organization's mission and vision and core values. For me, 'values' play an important part in not only defining critical 'operating guidelines' for how we interact (on an interpersonal and operational level), but can be used as metrics for team performance management, and ultimately, incentives. I spent almost 2 months traveling across Canada helping a large company cascade down it's core values to each regional office by facilitating "what does this value mean to you on a daily basis? How does it play out?" In this conversation we identified concrete behaviours and incorporated them in to the performance mgmt of the employees (who came up with the guidelines in the first place. In this way we build local teams, but because the values come from the top, disperse teams became more aligned to one another. AND, dare I say, had a common objective which brings them closer to ALL functioning like '1' team!

Sushil Bhasin

I am highly inspired by Tom. Having worked in the Indian Army for 34 years I have experienced Leadership and Team Work under varying conditions. Now a team work facilitator for over 8 years and having conducted over 450 Leadership and Team Building camps, I find that these observations are not confined to a region or a country, they are universal. Most companies are like Karen. They are vague and ambiguous about training. many of them think its enough to go and do a 2 day team building session and then expect to become super performers.
I often tell them in my closing session that the programme starts now.
It will depend on how u implement this on the ground.
I am willing to exchange more ideas on the subject

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