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February 25, 2006


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Marie Munro, Parent and Teen Coach

I agree that competing to win seems to have left the equation. Competition is good. Learning to win and aim high should be encouraged. Learning to lose/fail teaches us how to improve. I think that so much emphasis is put on the fun rather than the winning as everyone is too concerned about how the losers will feel. It's an important learning process and part of life!

Shonnie, Leadership Coach & Speaker

As an avid athlete myself, I think there's an important distinction to make--doing your personal best vs. playing/competing to beat others. When we compete against others we become adversaries and put forth an energy of violence and domination, not to mention separation. When we participate to do our best--whether that means getting a PR (personal record), using a new skill, not making mistakes we've been working to correct, etc.--we "win" even if the scoreboard shows a different outcome and someone else doesn't have to lose. I believe it's much more important that we teach children (and remember ourselves) to do their best--focusing on their own skills and abilities--rather than telling them that the goal is to beat or best someone else.

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