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July 22, 2006


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Liz Tennent Rose

Thanks Tom and Michael for a really helpful, interactive session on Building Consensus (8.2.06). I was quite impressed with the diverse, global online attendees. The session was extremely affordable and well organized. It was convenient, efficient and very comfortable -- a great combination of voice communications with online resources. I especially appreciated the tools provided that I can implement immediately with our non-profit agency of staff, youth, adult volunteers, families, etc. This session fits non-profits, small businesses, corporations, churches, governments, etc, etc ... great Q & A at the end too. Thanks to the group and to Tom and Michael for making the 90-minute session so worthwhile. Look forward to future sessions,
Salisbury, NC (USA)

Pat Beaugard

As a coach and trainer, I work with managers who need to be able to get their teams and workgroups on the same page. In this interactive teleseminar, Michael Goldman and Tom Heck provided a clear, easily understood model for reaching consensus in any group and an experiential activity that helps people "get it." The top-notch content and thorough notes were definitely valuable. If you want to improve your skills at consensus building, this class is your answer. I look forward to future teleseminars on related topics. Keep up the great work!
Patricia Beaugard, M.S., Executive Coach & Trainer
Improving workplace communication

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