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September 04, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Saltwater As Fuel - A US inventor may have discovered the answer to global energy wars:



Wow! How far away from being able to utilize this fuel are we?

Carl Strohmeyer

Why is no one asking the basic question about the amount of energy used to produce the Radio waves? Where is this energy going to come from in a vehicle? Let's keep the laws of physics in mind here.

Tom Heck

Carl asks an important questioin: Where is the energy coming from to produce the radio waves? The news clips (video) neglect to report on the fact that Kanzius (the inventor) says the process consumes more energy than it produces. Kanzius is applying for a patent on the process so it's hard to know how close he is to developing a process that produces more energy than it uses. Carl also asks where the energy will come from in a vehicle - - And I say: Once a vehicle is moving it will be able to generate an electric charge much like existing gas propelled vehicles. The car battery uses up it's charge when the car starts but after that the car produces electricity which then charges the battery. My point in sharing this news item is to help bring about a shift in consciousness. PERHAPS we (USA) don't need to travel all over the world to find and fight over oil to satisfy our energy needs. For 99% of the population the consciousness is "We need oil or we won't be able to drive our cars." I'm reminded of the existing paradigm of powered flight prior to the Wright brothers. After the Wright brothers shattered the existing powered flight paradigm we saw huge jumps in technology and beliefs around powered flight. Maybe the Kanzius invention will never work AND I say it is a step in the right direction.

W Hatfield

Think about what it takes to emit a (specific) resonating FREQUENCY sufficient to "excite" the salt water. Thinking about the same type of equipment Kanzius is USING instead of what it is DOING doesn't lend it self to finding an elegant solution that could be efficient if not being overunnity.

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