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June 30, 2008


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michael cardus

I feel that this HS musical and this song only propogate the stereotype that many Boomers have of Gen-Y. We all think we are special stars who deserve rewards and non-stop praise.
How is this video supposed to have boomers change their views of Gen-Y.
I agree with what you say with the command and control and much of your Gen-Y Philosophy (I am a huge fan of yours) althoguh HS musical - come on this is an embarresment for Gen-Y!

Tom Heck

Hi Mike -- Are you sure High School Musical an embarrassment to Gen-Y? From what I read Gen-Y LOVE this musical. It does unnerve Boomers and Xers because they don't understand this generation. Tom

michael cardus

Perhaps my gen x on the cusp of gen y spoke too soon. You are correct many Gen-Y love HS Musical.
I was speaking from a personal point of view. The one line "we are all stars" makes me cringe. I agree that everyone has something to offer. And - i feel that this creates an entitlement sense that - "I am special and they did not see it" while lacking training, experience, and requisite knowledge. I work with many gen Y students and organizations that employ gen-Y team members. This un-nerving comes from the current paradigm shift we are in - from information age to knowledge worker age -this rapid rate of change is un-nerving to the paradigms "maps" that were created in the 40's and 50's. Gen-Y see different maps and are rounding the edges of understanding. Much in the way that the world was once flat - Gen-Y sees the world as endless possibilities of roundness - with no square pegs.

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