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August 28, 2008


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Stephen Goldberg

This is very true. People want to be coached and developed. Unfortunately very few leaders have developed this skill. One reason is a lack of self awareness, not techniques as most people think. To be a good coach you need to first know-yourself and understand the people you are coaching.

Stephen Goldberg

bernie sleep

Hi Tom,
I think you might consider the difference between your link between managers and leaders. What you see as one and the same, I see a huge difference. In my view (in a nutshell) managers manage things, while leaders lead people to a better future. Leaders build an operational context which managers can manage, allowing leaders the time to think about the direction they wish to take their team/company. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.


Hi Bernie -- Tom Heck responding - - When you use the word "manager" it sounds like you're referring to what I would call a "traditional manager". There is a BIG difference between a "traditional manager" and a "Coach Manager". Coach Managers are best described here:

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