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March 11, 2010


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Imran Zia

I always cant watch these videos as these were not opened on my internet explorer, when i go other pages of your web site i can watch other videos like this page http://www.teachmeteamwork.com/teachmeteamwork/2010/02/katie-salen-on-learning-with-games.html.

why i cant watch videos?

if you can e-mail me any page from where i can down load this video except youtube.

Thanks & regards

Imran zia


Hi Imran --

We've posted the videos at YouTube and then embedded the YouTube video at the IATF website.

If you are unable to view YouTube videos then you won't be able to watch the "7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach" video series.

The video you are able to watch - the one you reference above in the link - is not a YouTube video.

Check with your ISP to see if they allow you to view YouTube videos. Also, try using a browser other than Internet Explorer (like Firefox).

Cody on the IATF Support Team

Jim Phillips

Loved the story of the 9 year old and his coach. The concept of finding the answers within ourselves is a profound one that too often we overlook by "giving" the answer to a person.

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