Do You Qualify?

Endorsed by Dr. Reldan Nadler, author of the "Leader's Playbook - How To Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys To Great Leadership"

Relly_nadler "Tom Heck has developed a great methodology for training management and supervisory level staff.  The agreements he's built into the system will help you move from practice to integration to mastery of the leadership skills.  Research shows that if you have training just by itself it's possible to get a bump in productivity by as much as 22%.  But if you combine training AND coaching along with some of the other components of this program you can experience a bump in productivity as high as 88%.  This program is your fast lane to becoming a strong leader."

 Dr. Relly Nadler is a world-class executive coach, corporate leadership and team trainer. He is the president and CEO of True North Leadership, Inc. an Executive and Organizational Development firm.  A licensed psychologist, Dr. Nadler has worked for more than 30 years with over 15,000 top executives, leaders and their teams to become “star performers.”