Program Element # 5: Private Password-Protected Resource Library
Program Element # 3: Weekly One-On-One Laser Coaching

Program Element # 4: Moderated Participant-Only Discussion Forum

When you get motivated, like-minded people together magic happens. There is power in community.

Leveraging the power of community is what the Moderated Participant-Only Discussion Forum is all about.

  • Bounce an idea off our objective and knowledgeable community.
  • Get help finding a specific resource or contact.
  • Receive inspiration and motivation.

Program participants can ask a question of Head Coach Tom Heck through this Forum and receive feedback from Tom and the entire community.

No doubt you already have a network of friends and colleagues.  But are they committed to personal and leadership development?  Have they dedicated themselves to putting what they learn into action

At the Leader As Coach Fast Track Program you'll join a group of people who are playing a bigger game and the Discussion Forum allows you to tap into the wisdom and power of this community.