Program Element # 7: Special Bonus Sessions and Material
Program Element # 5: Private Password-Protected Resource Library

Program Element # 6: Multifaceted System of Accountability

If all you do is learn new information then the program has failed.  To be a success, you must DO something.  You must take action.  This piece of the equation is so important that we've built in a meaningful and effective Accountability System designed to help convert learning into action and ultimately, success.

The job of this program is not complete until learning has been converted into results that matter to you and your organization.  The Accountability System helps assure results.

The Accountability System has several layers, all of which are designed to support you and the rest of this learning community.

You'll be supported and held accountable by:

  • Head Coach Tom Heck
  • Your Assigned Study Partner
  • Your Direct Supervisor at Work
  • One of Your Direct Reports
  • The Leader As Coach Fast Track Program Learning Community

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Accountability System -- How It Works

Online Progress Notes

As a program participant you'll be provided with a unique login to a special website where each week, you'll complete "Progress Notes" - - these are questions Head Coach Tom Heck asks you which directly relate to actions taken, next actions planned and the lessons you've learned.  Each week your Progress Notes will be reviewed by Head Coach Tom Heck and commented on by your assigned study partner.

Your Progress Notes will also be visible to the rest of the program participants.  If you're taking regular action and applying what you're learning everyone will see it.  If you start to fall behind, everyone will see it and most importantly we can take action to support you.

Study Partner

You'll be assigned a Study Partner at the beginning of the program and you'll check-in with each other weekly (email or phone).  Your Study Partner will be following your progress on a weekly basis and commenting in your Progress Notes.

Your Supervisor

At the beginning of your course,  you’ll be required to meet with your direct supervisor and together, select a project you’ll focus your attention on during the program.  This project will be a place for you to apply what you’re learning in this program.  You’ll be required to meet with your supervisor weekly to discuss how the project is moving along.  You’ll report on this project in the online Progress Notes.  The goal will be to “move the needle” on this project.

The objective is to help you and your organization experience tangible positive benefits as a result of your enrollment in the Manager As Coach Boot Camp.

A Direct Report

At the beginning of the 7-week program, you’ll be required to select a direct report (someone who answers to you) and it will be this person who you coach during the program.  You’ll learn new coaching skills and you’ll practice using them with this direct report.  The goal is for you to become a better Coach Leader and for your direct report to grow as a leader.  You’ll be expected to report on your progress weekly through the online Progress Notes.