Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Distance Learning
Endorsed by Dr. Reldan Nadler, author of the "Leader's Playbook - How To Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys To Great Leadership"

Do You Qualify?

Quite frankly, the Leader As Coach Fast Track Program is not for everyone.

Are you really suited for this transformational leadership program?  You can find out by taking this short quiz...

___  I am a person with goals, and I sincerely desire to advance my career and life.

___  This is the right time for me to participate in a leadership and personal development program that demands 3 to 4 hours (minimum) of my time each week.

___  I value learning, growing, and taking action on what I learn.

___  I can be counted on to follow-through on the coaching I receive as it applies to my unique situation.

___  I am willing to stop or change the self-defeating behaviors which limit my success.

___  I like helping others, and I am open to intelligently and sensibly sharing my knowledge and contacts with others who are enrolled in the program.

___  I am a flexible person with a good sense of humor.

___  I have the complete support and backing of my supervisor making it possible for me to fully participate in all aspects of this course (this is a must!).

OK—so how did you do?

If you checked off at least 6 of the 8 statements above, this is the right program and the right time. 

If you checked off 5 or less of the statements above, this program is probably not for you.

If you checked off all 8, this is perfect for you!