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Group Coaching for "Build a List of 25,000" TeleSeminar

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Right after the “Build A List of 25,000” TeleSeminar (held July 26, 2006) I called one of the class participants – my friend Bruce Mulkey.  I wanted to get some quick feedback on how useful the class was.

Bruce shared what he got out of the class and then we discussed how to apply the lessons to his project:

Together we brainstormed about how to create a viral marketing plan.  We bounced ideas around on how to become (as Seth Godin would say) remarkable.  I shared one idea with Bruce that made him sit-up and take notice.  He said it took someone from the outside to be able to see it.  He was excited.

Now I’d like to do the same with you AND make it even more powerful by leveraging the strength of the group.  Just imagine a group of people (from our class) looking at YOUR site, all giving you feedback and ideas to go viral and be remarkable.

How valuable would that be?

It’s the power of the Mastermind Group that ALL super successful people harness.

So here’s the format I’m proposing…

I’m going to lead a 90 minute group coaching / mastermind session where everyone comes to the call with internet access.  We will take a virtual tour of each other’s websites and give feedback with the intent to help each other build a list, become remarkable and go viral (all the stuff we talked about during the teleseminar).

This is also an opportunity to ask me questions about building your e-business.

Think about how many more lives will be improved when lots more people are using your products and/or services.  You don’t have to build a list of 25,000 to make a huge impact in the world - - I’m convinced a list of 1,000 can do it IF that 1,000 know, like and trust you and they see you / your work as remarkable and then help spread the word.

Cost for this group coaching session is $57/person (discounted from $79/person).  The recording for this teleseminar (along with the notes) is already available for sale at my site and in the future, when I offer this follow-up group coaching session I’ll be selling it for $79/person.  I’m giving you a discount now because you were the first to be on the call. 

Day:  Tuesday August 15, 2006

Time:  9 pm – 10:30 pm

Cost: $57

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Questions?  Contact me:  [email protected]

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach

PS  If you can’t make the call you can still purchase a space on the call and we (those who attend the call live) will visit your site and give you feedback.  I’ll record the call and send you the recording.