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TeleSeminar Protocol

Overview of Teleseminars
A TeleSeminar is a conference call, like a chat line. You and between 10-30 other registrants (or more) call a regular phone number in the United States (commonly in Orlando or  Las Vegas) at your class time and you are welcomed by the TeleSeminar Leader. No operator assistance is needed, nor is a conference call manager.

Prior to your TeleSeminar, you will be sent an email that contains the TeleSeminar phone number AND a special code number (also called a "Conference Bridge Number").  When you dial the phone number, you're prompted to enter the special code and when you do, you are immediately 'on' the call.

The instructor hears a beep in their ear when you join the call, and will usually say something like, "Hi, who just joined the call?" or "Welcome, hold on a moment while everyone joins the call."

The TeleSeminar begins promptly at 2 minutes after the listed start time. A TeleSeminar is similar to a grad school discussion -- some lecture, some questions, some discussion.

If this if your first time taking a TeleSeminar you may wonder if and how it works. It just does. It's highly interactive and the 'flow' works well. You can listen and absorb and/or engage in the discussion. You can always ask questions of the TeleSeminar Leader.

Most TeleSeminar sessions last an hour. Some meet one time only, others meet weekly for 4-8 weeks, sometimes longer.  You do not need a computer in order to be in the class. All you need is a regular phone!

Note: The cost to call into a TeleSeminar is a standard long distance charge. There are no conferencing fees, so you would just pay your long distance carrier whatever your rates are. Most carriers charge $3-6 an hour for long distance, so the cost is minimal.

Protocol for TeleSeminars

1. Mute Button
Use your telephone's mute button, if there is one. Background noise, the dog barking, radio, etc., could be a problem if 30 callers all aren't using their mute buttons. If you don't have a mute button, not to worry. Just try to call from a quiet location.  Depending on the phone service used for the TeleSeminar, you may be able to hit your 4 and then * key (thats four and star key) to mute and un-mute yourself.

2. Breathing
Some people breathe 'heavier' than others. And most of the heavy breathers don't realize it. (Who, ME?) So, we ask everyone to hold the mouthpiece or telephone headset microphone a bit away from their mouth and nose, unless they are speaking. This sounds pretty silly, but when you're on a call with a heavy breather, you'll understand why it matters!

3. Two-line phones
If you have a two-line phone, please turn the ringer off of the second line. If you don't, and you get a call during the TeleSeminar it can really be a shrill noise that everyone hears.

4. Dogs (and cats)
If you're on a smaller TeleSeminar (like 10 callers), your dog will probably woof at exactly the time needed for some comic relief, so it's not usually a problem. But if you're on a larger TeleSeminar (30 callers), please put Fido in another room

5. Speakerphones
Please don't use them, period, unless you use the mute button. Speakerphones are wonderful things, but we ask that you not speak into them when sharing. The clarity/quality simply isn't good enough. Pick up the handset when you share and put the mute button on when you're just listening.

6. Sharing
The Instructor will usually ask for callers to share or respond, throughout the call. However, please wait to be prompted -- don't just speak up, unless invited. If/when you do share, say something like, "Tom (or the instructor's name), this is Bob from Tampa." The Instructor will say, "Yes, Bob, go ahead." Then you can say whatever you'd like to. Always use the Instructors name and wait until they respond, indicating that you can proceed. Note, however, that on smaller calls this formality isn't usually needed and there is a natural flow to people sharing and discussing.

7. Commenting
If you want to comment on something that another caller has said, please keep your comments extremely positive. Don't say things like: "I disagree with Bob." or "I take exception to that...." or "That's incorrect." Even if all of these are true! Just say what you want to say and if you want to relate it to another caller's comment, make it positive!

8. CrossTalk
If another caller says something that you want to comment on or ask more information about, go through the Instructor, don't speak to the person directly, at least at first. Let the Instructor play traffic cop. You could say something like, "Tom, can I ask that Marlene rephrase the point she just made?" Again, on smaller calls, this isn't as necessary, but on the large calls, it really is.

9. Early/Late
Please don't call the bridge before the scheduled time -- another class may be being conducted. If you're late to the call, no problem, just dial in and be silent until you catch on to what's being discussed. The Instructor may or may not officially welcome you -- but probably won't so as not to disturb the flow of the call. That doesn't mean you're not welcome! And, finally, if you're more than 10 minutes late, be really careful about asking questions, as they may well have been asked earlier.

10. Audiotaping
You may not audiotape the TeleSeminar. There is intellectual property involved. If the Instructor is taping a call, s/he will let everyone know at the beginning of the call.

11. Cell Phones
Don’t call into the TeleSeminar using a cell phone.  They cause all kinds of problems, mainly involving excessive noise.  Only call from a land line.

12.  Turn Off “Call Waiting”
If you have call waiting, we ask that you first disable it before dialing in. For most local phone companies, you disable call waiting by picking up the phone, waiting for the dial tone, dialing *70 (that's star seven zero), waiting for the dial tone again, and then dialing the bridge number.

13. Don't Put Us On Hold!
This is a common mistake people make if they have to step away from their phone during the TeleSeminar.  If you put the call on "Hold" you will also cause "on hold" Muzak to start and it will be hard to hear everyone.  If you have to step away, just hang up and call back in when you can.

Group Coaching for "Build a List of 25,000" TeleSeminar

CLICK HERE to register

Right after the “Build A List of 25,000” TeleSeminar (held July 26, 2006) I called one of the class participants – my friend Bruce Mulkey.  I wanted to get some quick feedback on how useful the class was.

Bruce shared what he got out of the class and then we discussed how to apply the lessons to his project:

Together we brainstormed about how to create a viral marketing plan.  We bounced ideas around on how to become (as Seth Godin would say) remarkable.  I shared one idea with Bruce that made him sit-up and take notice.  He said it took someone from the outside to be able to see it.  He was excited.

Now I’d like to do the same with you AND make it even more powerful by leveraging the strength of the group.  Just imagine a group of people (from our class) looking at YOUR site, all giving you feedback and ideas to go viral and be remarkable.

How valuable would that be?

It’s the power of the Mastermind Group that ALL super successful people harness.

So here’s the format I’m proposing…

I’m going to lead a 90 minute group coaching / mastermind session where everyone comes to the call with internet access.  We will take a virtual tour of each other’s websites and give feedback with the intent to help each other build a list, become remarkable and go viral (all the stuff we talked about during the teleseminar).

This is also an opportunity to ask me questions about building your e-business.

Think about how many more lives will be improved when lots more people are using your products and/or services.  You don’t have to build a list of 25,000 to make a huge impact in the world - - I’m convinced a list of 1,000 can do it IF that 1,000 know, like and trust you and they see you / your work as remarkable and then help spread the word.

Cost for this group coaching session is $57/person (discounted from $79/person).  The recording for this teleseminar (along with the notes) is already available for sale at my site and in the future, when I offer this follow-up group coaching session I’ll be selling it for $79/person.  I’m giving you a discount now because you were the first to be on the call. 

Day:  Tuesday August 15, 2006

Time:  9 pm – 10:30 pm

Cost: $57

Register:  CLICK HERE to register

Questions?  Contact me:  [email protected]

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach

PS  If you can’t make the call you can still purchase a space on the call and we (those who attend the call live) will visit your site and give you feedback.  I’ll record the call and send you the recording.

Affiliate Program

Earn Passive Revenue as an Affiliate!!

Becoming an affiliate of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators (IATF) is simple and 100% free.

Whenever someone clicks on a link from your site or email and becomes an IATF member or purchases a product, you earn 10-30% of those sales (depending on the item). 

Fees are paid to you through PayPal, once a quarter (Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15, Oct 15).  Our affiliates earn anywhere from $50 or $5000 per year, depending on how they promote the IATF.

How does it work?

When you join the IATF affiliate program, you'll be supplied with textual links that you place within your website or email (you can also use these links with some graphical banners).

When a user clicks on one of your links to the IATF, their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. If that user makes a purchase on our website, your account will be credited with a sale (commission).

How do I get started?

Register as an affiliate CLICK HERE to register as an affiliate.

If you don't already have a PayPal account, be sure to sign up for a free account at  This is the means by which you will be paid for your efforts.  The commissions you're paid can  be transferred directly to your bank account or you can receive a check through PayPal.

What sales tools and resources are available?

We have banner ads we've developed for you to insert into your email or websites.  Click here for the ads and more, including text that you can edit/use to accompany the banner ad if you wish.

How do I use these tools?

To use the banner ads at your site, you will need to download them, and then insert them into your website (or have your webmaster do this for you.) To download, place your mouse over your selected image; right click, then select "save as".

Next, login to your affiliate account, clicking on the link that says "View Your Unique Affiliate Links".  There, you'll find directions on how to select the correct hyperlink to link your graphic with. The hyperlink you use will contain your unique affiliate code and is what makes the whole affiliate concept work!  Because your link is unique to you, our system can track your referrals and gives you credit for anyone who signs up after clicking from your site to ours.

To use the text ads in your email, just highlight the text you want, copy and then paste into your email auto-signature or elsewhere, depending on your email program.  You are, of course, welcome to use these ads verbatim, but tailoring them to your specific audience may also make for great results!  Give it a try.


Leader as Coach Assessment

We’ve identified the 10 key skills, behaviors and style of the highly effective leader in the new millennium.

This assessment is helpful in the following ways:


  • To shift the company culture
  • To get everyone on the same track


  • As a blueprint for staff training
  • As a way to foster and develop teams


  • To strengthen interpersonal skills
  • To accelerate their career path

This eight-page assessment focuses on 10 areas:

  1. Personal Balance - A great manager starts with a strong person. Are you in good emotional shape? Physical? Do you know who ou are, what you most want and where you are along your path of development?
  2. High Productivity - High productivity is not a mystery; it simply requires a commitment and the tools, training and resources to make it happen naturally.
  3. Self-Management - If you don’t manage yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? Here’s a list of 10 ways to keep yourself on track.
  4. Communication - We know who people are by the way they communicate and relate with us. Here’s an advanced list of skills.
  5. Healthy Boundaries - Everyone wants and needs things from you. But you become a victim unless you protect yourself. Every company needs managers with strong boundaries.
  6. Quality Work - 100% is now barely enough.
  7. Taking Initiative - Companies desperately need managers to take initiative so that the firm can continue to create and stay ahead of the curve. This takes practice and willingness.
  8. Managing Up - It’s okay to help your manager to manage you better. This process is called “managing up.”
  9. Teamwork - Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone. Teams are the answer.
  10. Career Path - Either you’re designing your career or the circumstances are.

Price: $50

This assessment is only available to IATF membersBecome an IATF member HERE and receive immediate access to the IATF assessment archive.

Management Pro Assessment

Based on advanced statistical methods, The MANAGEMENTPRO™:

  • provides an overview of core personality traits as they apply to management, leadership and coaching roles
  • provides questions that can be used in the interview process if being used as a leadership selection tool
  • assesses emotional intelligence, comfort with conflict, self-confidence, pro-activity, and people orientation and much more
  • is an essential selection and leadership succession planning tool
  • assesses emotional intelligence
  • provides coaching and development strategies
  • provides feedback on matching to mentors, peers and staff
  • is available on-one 24/7
  • is available in 19 different languages

The MANAGEMENTPRO™ provides each individual with an overview of strengths and some career counseling on what to seek and what to avoid in career paths.

View Sample Profile

Management Style
The MANAGEMENTPRO™ also provides an overview of the person's management style. This includes a wide variety of competencies such as leadership style, communication style, how goals and strategies are implemented, approach to motivating others, approach to asking for commitment, approach to coaching and feedback style.

Sales Management Functions (optional)
The MANAGEMENTPRO™ assesses and reports on the key sales management issues. These include recruiting and attraction, sales training and development, sales force growth and performance management.

Experience a free evaluation of the MANAGEMENTPRO™ today:
If you are interested in using a statistically valid, psychometric assessment for your business, you can qualify for a complimentary evaluation by filling out the quick form at this link:

Click here for FREE evaluation

Upon completion of the form you will be contacted by alliance partner Jay Kipps of the Self-Management Group.

How can we use assessments to build a high performing team?
Click here to listen as Business Development Advisor Jay Kipps discusses this topic

Assessing the Assessors
Maximize your investment. Learn what to look for and avoid in an assessment tool. Read this article entitled Assessing the Assessors: Choosing the Right Assessment Tool for your Training Business by Jason Kipps and Colleen O'Brien-Wood, Ph.D.

Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision of
Who we are, and what we're doing

What we're focused on doing
Our primary mission is to teach team skills that promote win-win consciousness.

What is
What we provide
We provide dynamic resources that will help you learn how to be a highly effective teacher of team skills. These resources include:

  • Multi-Media CDs containing detailed and easy to follow instructions, video, photos and more to help you learn teambuilding games today and lead them tomorrow.
  • Training Website representing the most accessible easy-to-use one-stop-shop multi-media web-based training resource of adventure-based experiential team building activities.
  • Workshops delivered live via interactive TeleForums - - a super convenient and fun way to learn.
  • Coaching for individuals and teams on the fast track.
  • Onsite Training for intact teams ready to accelerate their learning curve (and reap the benefits).

What is Teamwork?
In our view...

  • Teamwork is a primary life skill, which must be practiced and honed throughout one's life.
  • The foundational goal of developing team skills, and the goal of this website, is to enhance the connection between people.
  • Connection is the key for all enlightened interaction between people.  When people are more connected, the world is a better place.
  • Enlightened teamwork is fun and synergistic and always looks to create win-win opportunities.

What we see as possible

  • A world where the old paradigms of win-lose and lose-lose are more difficult to implement than a win-win approach. 
  • Team skills taught in a fun, engaging and transformative way to everyone.
  • Team skills are considered essential to a healthy life.
  • Trainers of team skills around the world have instant access to the team skill development information they need when and where they need it 24 hours a day.

Why we do what we do

  • I do this work because it’s so much fun! Each day my work provides me with numerous opportunities to practice and apply my love of personal development, teamwork, inventing/product development, relationship/alliance building, coaching, and teaching through technology. My work also provides me daily opportunities to teach my children about “playing a bigger game” in life and being of service to others.

Measures of Success
How we measure our success as an enterprise

  • Our members find our products and services to be exactly what they need, easy and fast to access and use, at the perfect price.
  • Our products and services are sold worldwide and change the lives of thousands of people for the better everyday.
  • We deliver outstanding customer service.
  • The absence of operational delay or technical problems
  • Our company is profitable and our products and services help our customers to experience greater abundance.
  • Our network of clients, affiliates and strategic alliances grows daily and our relationships are Class One all the way (Class One: feels good, good for me, good for others, serves the greater good).

What matters most to us, as an organization

  • Effectiveness: services products and resources work for our community.
  • Timeliness:  Our members have the resources they need when they need them.
  • Coolness: delivers information in a cool way.
  • Value:  Members receive incredible value for their investment.

Prevalent Themes
How our members experience

  • As a place where they become inspired.
  • As a place where they accelerate their personal development as a teacher and leader of team skills.
  • As a place where they have access to resources and services in the team skills training arena -- just in time.
  • As a place where they add to their skill sets.

What business are we in?

Primarily, is in the virtual training business.
Secondarily, we are in these businesses:

  • Conferences & workshops
  • Personal & professional development
  • Product development
  • New content development

Affiliate Resources

Use the following banner ads and text we've developed for you to insert into your email or websites. 

How do I use these tools?

To use the banner ads at your site, you will need to download them, and then insert them into your website (or have your webmaster do this for you.) To download, place your mouse over your selected image; right click, then select "save as".

sample Affiliate Banners for your use



Text Advertisements

To use the text ads in your email, just highlight the text you want, copy and then paste into your email auto-signature or elsewhere, depending on your email program.  You are, of course, welcome to use these ads verbatim, but tailoring them to your specific audience may also make for great results!  Give it a try.

Email Signature Lines

Adding the IATF affiliate link to your email signature is simple and effective.

Examples of what you might include...

Do you lead teams?  Amazing resources are available for anyone building high performing teams at the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.  Click here for more information:

I joined the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators because of the vibrant community and the unmatched resources.  If you work with teams you should take a look:

Sample Letter To Your Network

Many affiliates send out an email to their networks to let them know about the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators. 

Here's one example to adapt from.

Dear Friends:

You may have already heard about the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators, a resource-rich site that offers you FREE access to some amazing resources for teaching team and leadership skills. 

I've subscribed to the IATF newsletter which is full of helpful information and I'm recommending this site to everyone I know who is in the field of leadership, teaching and training.  I thought you might be interested.

If you're ready to take your team and leadership skills to entirely new levels then I recommend you become a member of the IATF.  Members have access to a worldwide community of Teamwork Facilitators, ongoing training via live TeleSeminars, Group Coaching and Q&A sessions, special training sessions with IATF Visiting Faculty, a growing online library of teambuilding games and exercises, and so muchg more!

Just click on this link to visit for all the details.



Teambuilding Games - ICEBREAKERS & FUN - Multimedia Training CD

BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently Sold Out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently Sold Out!


Vol_3 Team Building Games - Icebreakers & Fun is filled with 40 activities to get your group laughing and having fun together. You’ll find games that are fast and active, slow and calm, get to know you, puzzles, fun debrief tools, and more. Some games can be played with small groups and others with large groups and all have been tested with a wide range of ages (adult, college and school age) and diverse populations (business, education, camps, sports, clubs, etc.).

IATF multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now

Special Bonus Material Contained on This CD:

  1. Introduction To Leading Team Building Games – an invaluable resource for any team leader.
  2. Audio Interview with Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series which are the best selling books of all time. He shares tested principles for building your success team.


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently Sold Out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently Sold Out!


Activities on this CD:

1. A Different Drum
2. All My Neighbors
3. A What A Which
4. Bag of Questions
5. Bandana Tag
6. Big Question
7. Blanket Name Game
8. Bottoms Up
9. Butt Pennies
10. Butt Spelling
11. Dice Racing
12. Egg Balance
13. Electric Hands
14. ESP
15. Eye Scream
16. Full Contact Piñata
17. Green Blue Black
18. Ground Slap
19. Hammer Puzzle
20. Human Bingo
21. Human Taffy
22. Jumping George
23. Leg Nylon Head Ball
24. Lycra Tube
25. Match Trick
26. Metaphor Cards
27. Mingle Mingle
28. Mousetrap Tower
29. Nail Balance
30. Name Badge
31. Nine Dots
32. Ninja Clothespin
33. Partner Stand Up
34. Partner Tag
35. Pass The Can
36. Pay Attention Toss
37. Quick Draw Numbers
38. Rattlers
39. Secret Motions
40. Shoe Factory

BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently Sold Out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently Sold Out!


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Affiliate Welcome

Welcome to the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators Affiliate Program

You'll be receiving an email soon containing IATF affiliate program details.  The email will come from [email protected] so be sure to add this email address to your spam filter's white list.

Team Building Games - ADVANCED - Multimedia Training CD


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!


BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!



Vol_2 Team Building Games ADVANCED contains 31 experiential learning exercises that use distinctive props, which you can easily make yourself using the detailed instructions provided within (or purchase the pre-made props). This one-of-a-kind multimedia CD will help your group explore teamwork in new and exciting ways. Most of these activities are for groups of 10-20 people, though a few may be played with larger groups (50 or more). Every activity is designed to creatively engage participants and provide openings for important discussions that will help your group become a high performing team.

TeachMeTeamwork multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now


Special Bonus Material Contained on This CD:

  1. Introduction To Leading Team Building Games – an invaluable resource for any team leader. 
  2. Audio Interview with best-selling author and motivational speaker Brian Biro. Listen to Brian share powerful insights on teamwork and leadership.


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!


Activities on this CD:

1. All Aboard
2. A-Frame
3. Amoeba Electric Fence
4. Big Safe Island
5. Consensus Ropes
6. Channels
7. Cube
8. Focus Ring
9. Four Clients
10. Four Corner Traverse
11. Funderbird
12. Gas Leak
13. Geo Web
14. Giant Egg Ladder
15. Helium Stick
16. Hole Tarp
17. Hot Stuff
18. Human Ladder
19. Infinite Loops
20. Island Hop
21. Key Punch
22. Magic Carpet
23. Minefield
24. Object Retrieval
25. Save the World
26. Stilts River
27. Stepping Stones
28. Team Traks
29. Team Labyrinth
30. Team Balance Board
31. Teamwork Pipes


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!

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Teambuilding Games 101 -- Multimedia Training CD

BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!



Vol_1 On this CD you'll find 33 activities you can lead now with little or no advanced preparation. 

If “props” are required to lead an activity, they’ll be easy to find at local stores and will require little, if any, preparation time.

There are teambuilding games for big and small groups, cerebral and physical challenges, and activities lasting from 5 to 55 minutes.

IATF multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now

Special Bonus Material Contained on This CD:

  1. Introduction To Leading Team Building Games – an invaluable resource for any team leader. 
  2. Audio Interview with Andy Stefanovich of the world-renowned creative ideas company "Play" sharing insights on how to become more creative as a team.


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!


Activities on this CD:

  1. Ain’t No Flies On Me
  2. Air Lock
  3. Back Writing
  4. Bandana Cup Marble
  5. Bandana Puzzle
  6. Ceiling Clock
  7. Count Up
  8. Elastic Bulls Eye
  9. Hidden Numbers
  10. Hoop Pass
  11. Human Knot
  12. Index Card Challenge
  13. Inhuman Knot
  14. Interference
  15. Jump Rope Record
  16. M&M Arm Wrestle
  17. Mouse Trap Trust
  18. Mr. Potato
  19. Mrs. Wright
  20. Paper Tower
  21. Penny Goals
  22. Rope Pile
  23. Team Build A Word
  24. Tennis Ball Madness
  25. Touch the Ball
  26. Traffic Jam
  27. Trust Circle Sit
  28. Trust Car
  29. Trust Fall
  30. Trust Wave
  31. Warp Speed
  32. Welded Feet
  33. Willow in the Wind


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!


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Get Your Free Teambuilding Games e-Book Here

Shoestring_1Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

Click on the link below to download your copy of the 33 page e-book entitled

Team Building Games on a Shoestring -- How To Use Two Normal Shoestrings to Lead 7 Fun and Engaging Team Building Activities

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Be sure to check out the 10 benefits membership in the IATF gives you HERE

We look forward to supporting your good work with teams!

Tom Heck
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Assessments For Teams and the People Who Lead Them

Leader as Coach Assessment
We’ve identified the 10 key skills, behaviors and styles of the highly effective manager in the new millennium. How do you measure up?  LEARN MORE

Certified Communicator Assessment
Great leaders are, by definition, great communicators. This self-assessment identifies 10 categories of communication “style” including: Listening, Articulating, Authenticity, and Maturity. Master all ten categories and become a “Certified Communicator”. LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Adrenaline Addiction Assessment
Many leaders struggle with an addiction that hurts their organizations, their families, and their job satisfaction. I'm not talking about the need for drugs or alcohol, but another powerful chemical: adrenaline. Take this self-assessment to determine if you are addicted and to what degree. LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Class Act Assessment
One of the highest compliments a leader can receive is to be called a person of Character - - a “Class Act”. This assessment is designed to help you understand where you are long this path of development and to provide guidance on how to become a Class Act.  LEARN MORE  link coming soon

High Impact Team Assessment
This assessment measures your team against 10 distinct practices of “High Performing Teams”. Use this assessment to gain clarity about where to invest your training and development resources.  LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Safety & Liability


Challenge and adventure activities can present elements of physical and emotional risk. The information presented at this website is for your reference, and you are ultimately responsible for judging the suitability of the material for your training.

The publisher of this website assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the information presented. This includes errors due to misprinting or omission of detail.

No single source of adventure based experiential education can substitute for practical experience and education. While this website serves as an introduction to the use of adventure based experiential learning, training, and coaching it is only an introduction. Studying the material at this website is no substitute for professional training.

Understand this: I can’t tell you how to run a “safe” program because it’s not possible to run a safe program. Safe infers that there is an absence of risk. It’s impossible to remove all risk from adventure learning activities (the type of activities you read about in this website).

Adventure learning activities are adventuresome BECAUSE of the presence of risk. Eliminating all of the risk from the activities would render the activities useless.

Your job then is to make safety one of your priorities while managing the risk.

There are many benefits to the individual, the group and the program when safety is emphasized. These include:

  1. Trust is developed.
  2. Learning is enhanced.
  3. Likelihood of full participation increases.

The following list provides examples of strategies for the management of risk in adventure learning programs.

  1. Participants are encouraged to participate at the level they are comfortable with. Coercion is not part of the program.
  2. Participants are given a safety briefing before the program.
  3. All participants sign a “Participant Agreement, Release and Acknowledgment of Risk” form (for adults) or a “Participant Agreement, Indemnification and Acknowledgment of Risk for Minors” (for minors). These documents can be created with the help of a competent attorney.
  4. Participants should be led in stretching and warm up activities at the beginning of a program.
  5. Staff must be trained in risk management, CPR and first aid.
  6. Inspect all props prior to and after use.
  7. The location/site must be free of dangers or hazards.
  8. When activities call for lifting, participants must be taught proper spotting techniques (see below). Staff must always support and protect the head of a participant who is being lifted or lowered.
  9. Programs must develop a safety policy.
  10. A first aid kit and telephone must be easily available.

The Importance of Spotting

Some of the activities presented in this website require participants to lift each other off the ground. This can be dangerous both for the lifters and the person being lifted. For this reason, you as the leader must be able to convey the importance of proper spotting.

Spotting is the art of protecting a team member’s head and upper body from the impact of a fall. Spotting does not mean you catch a person when they fall. It does mean you create a cushion, effectively slowing down their fall.

Effective spotting requires all participants pay close attention to what’s going on. If the group or any member of the group is not ready to participate in an activity that requires spotting, choose another activity that doesn’t require spotting.

To be effective spotters, participants must have a high degree of trust. If participants have been into horseplay or are using language (or other forms of communication) that takes away from the feeling of trust, then you must reconsider any activity that involves spotting.

Spotting is a difficult task to teach because the potential spotter usually doesn’t recognize his importance until he actually has to support a falling body.

The following are pointers for teaching spotting:

  1. Explain the concept and meaning of spotting.
  2. Practice spotting with participants before they actually need to use the skill in an activity.
  3. Promote the attitude that teasing and joking about not catching someone has no place in your program.
  4. The activities described in this activity guide involving lifting require a minimum number of 2 spotters and depending on the skill and ability level of your particular group, more spotters will be necessary.
  5. Supervise spotters closely.
  6. The leader must model spotting.
  7. A good spotter shares the responsibility of spotting equally. It is easier and safer to work as a team when spotting.
  8. Spotters should stand in a balanced position, holding hands up in a “ready position”. The spotter’s focus must be on the participant.
  9. Spotters must cushion a fall, not catch and hold, and should move with the direction of force.





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