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Assessments For Teams and the People Who Lead Them

Leader as Coach Assessment
We’ve identified the 10 key skills, behaviors and styles of the highly effective manager in the new millennium. How do you measure up?  LEARN MORE

Certified Communicator Assessment
Great leaders are, by definition, great communicators. This self-assessment identifies 10 categories of communication “style” including: Listening, Articulating, Authenticity, and Maturity. Master all ten categories and become a “Certified Communicator”. LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Adrenaline Addiction Assessment
Many leaders struggle with an addiction that hurts their organizations, their families, and their job satisfaction. I'm not talking about the need for drugs or alcohol, but another powerful chemical: adrenaline. Take this self-assessment to determine if you are addicted and to what degree. LEARN MORE  link coming soon

Class Act Assessment
One of the highest compliments a leader can receive is to be called a person of Character - - a “Class Act”. This assessment is designed to help you understand where you are long this path of development and to provide guidance on how to become a Class Act.  LEARN MORE  link coming soon

High Impact Team Assessment
This assessment measures your team against 10 distinct practices of “High Performing Teams”. Use this assessment to gain clarity about where to invest your training and development resources.  LEARN MORE  link coming soon