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Team Building Games - ADVANCED - Multimedia Training CD

Teambuilding Games 101 -- Multimedia Training CD

BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!



Vol_1 On this CD you'll find 33 activities you can lead now with little or no advanced preparation. 

If “props” are required to lead an activity, they’ll be easy to find at local stores and will require little, if any, preparation time.

There are teambuilding games for big and small groups, cerebral and physical challenges, and activities lasting from 5 to 55 minutes.

IATF multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now

Special Bonus Material Contained on This CD:

  1. Introduction To Leading Team Building Games – an invaluable resource for any team leader. 
  2. Audio Interview with Andy Stefanovich of the world-renowned creative ideas company "Play" sharing insights on how to become more creative as a team.


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!


Activities on this CD:

  1. Ain’t No Flies On Me
  2. Air Lock
  3. Back Writing
  4. Bandana Cup Marble
  5. Bandana Puzzle
  6. Ceiling Clock
  7. Count Up
  8. Elastic Bulls Eye
  9. Hidden Numbers
  10. Hoop Pass
  11. Human Knot
  12. Index Card Challenge
  13. Inhuman Knot
  14. Interference
  15. Jump Rope Record
  16. M&M Arm Wrestle
  17. Mouse Trap Trust
  18. Mr. Potato
  19. Mrs. Wright
  20. Paper Tower
  21. Penny Goals
  22. Rope Pile
  23. Team Build A Word
  24. Tennis Ball Madness
  25. Touch the Ball
  26. Traffic Jam
  27. Trust Circle Sit
  28. Trust Car
  29. Trust Fall
  30. Trust Wave
  31. Warp Speed
  32. Welded Feet
  33. Willow in the Wind


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!


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