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Missing my family already

I’m waiting in the Asheville airport for my first flight.   There is free high-speed wireless and I love that.  My plane starts boarding in a few minutes.  Traveling became much more difficult for me now Lizathat I have children.  When I left home Anne (my wife) and Liza (my 18 month old daughter - - that's here in the photo) gave me kisses goodbye.  My son Joseph (age 6) gave me a big hug as he left for kindergarten.  I already miss them.  At the same time I love traveling to lead workshops I also love being home with my wife and children.  My dad was absent for most of my childhood and I remember missing him a great deal. Working for myself allows me a freedom when it comes to spending time with my family.  I get to drop my son off at school and pick him up and I’m usually home when Liza takes a nap which allows Anne to go for a bike Anneonparkwayride on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is a half mile from our home. 


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