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SmartMatch Alliances -- Audio Interview with Judy Feld and Ernest Oriente

Today I had the great pleasure of interviewing two people who are truly "possibility thinkers".  There names are Judy Feld and Ernest Oriente and they are master business coaches. 

Judy and Ernest are experts in the area of alliance building and in this 30 minute interview, they share some key insights from their book "SmartMatch Alliances"

Learn what an alliance is, how to assess your alliance-ability, determine your current and target "PINS", where to look for high potential alliance partners and more. 

As someone involved in the world of teambuilding, you need to become a master alliance builder.  Judy and Ernest teach an approach that produces a win for all concerned (producing truly synergistic relationships). 

As you listen, note how many times Judy and Ernest mention "community".  Building alliances is all about supporting your community.

Click on the link below to listen to the interview:

Download judyfeldernestoriente_mp3_sm.mp3


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