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A Whole New Mind -- Audio Interview With Dan Pink

Quiz Time:  Which college degree is more valuable?  An MBA or an MFA (that's Masters of Fine Arts).

DanpinkDan Pink says the answer is clearly an MFA - - at least it will BECOME more valuable over the next ten years.

Dan Pink is the author of A Whole New Mind -- Moving From The Information Age To The Conceptual Age. In this amazing book Dan describes why many of the "left brain" jobs are moving to India and Asia (outsourced) and why "right brain" jobs (jobs requiring creativity, non-linear thinking, etc.) are going to soon become more valuable here in the USA. 

This book may change the way you look at the world.  It did for me.

"One of those rare books that marks a turning point."
-- Seth Godin
"I was moved and disturbed and exhiliarated all at once."
-- Tom Peters

After reading the book I contacted Dan to setup an interview because I wanted to Awholenewmind_1get his take on how this coming shift will effect teams.  We had a great conversation and I recorded it for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the 34 minute audio interview - click the link below (mp3 file)
Download danpink_mp3_sm.mp3

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Dan changed the title of his book to: "A Whole New Mind -- Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future"

Oprah LOVES this book and when she gave the commencement speech at Stanford to the 4,500 students in the graduating class, she gave each a copy of Dan's book.  CLICK HERE to view Dan interviewed by Oprah.  Dan says it's his favorite interview ever (I'm hoping the one we did is a close second).


rosene greenwood

Very interesting !!!

This seems like whats needed to get the next decade of entreprenuers ready.

Rachel Sanders

Ah, wow! I am so excited to see others who think like me. I am a senior in high school, and I have always been disappointed in what the education system has to offer. I have made it a goal of mine to educate other my age of the effects of technology, the presence of outsourcing, and the importance of the workings of the right brain. It will be difficult, but I am going to take on life with all the views and interests of a "right-brainer". I am going to make a way for myself. I only hope that in the future right-brainers will find the support and guidance needed throughout the early years of education, in order to fully succeed. I do plan on being alive to see the shift in education, and the shift in the lives of the American youth. Thank you so much for your interest in this subject, it is very close to my heart. If you would like to ask questions, or keep in touch, my email is> [email protected]. Please feel free, (anyone), to contact me on this subject.

Dianne Cramtpon

I could not agree more. Creativity is the backbone for new innovation and this simply can not be outsourced.

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