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Behind the curtain: Tom Heck interviewed by Anita Law

Today I was interviewed by Anita Law of PowerOfMyWay.com.  Anita is an author and coach who has put together a series of live audio interviews entitled "Five Who Thrive: Getting the Life And Business You Want"

Anita has been a subscriber to my e-newsletter (now e-updates) for a long time and has been following my online career.  She asked me to speak about how I made the shift from leading live in-person team and leadership development workshops to what I'm doing now at www.teachmeteamwork.com - - using technology to train thousands of people around the world AND having a great life in the process. 

I offer a "behind the curtain" look at my life and business. 

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Steve Peterson

Hi Tom,
Thanks so much for opening up your world a bit for us in this recording. It was very inspiring to hear your story along with the nuts and bolts of the process. I appreciate your candidness and willingness to share as you learn. . . ready, fire, aim. That's worth a LOT! It's those little phrases that can help someone cut to the chase. Thank you. I took massive notes and passed the call along to my sister and girlfriend whom I know were also inspired. Than you again and I look forward to more great things from you and wish you all the best in your endeavors.
All the best,
Steve Peterson

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