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Connecting the Dots

There is a theory about the evolution of teams that says teams go through stages: 
1. FORM - the team forms / is created. People are polite, impersonal, guarded
2. STORM - difficulties arise, confrontations, feeling stuck, opting out
3. NORM - getting organized, developing skills, confronting issues, establishing procedures
4. PERFORM - the team is open, effective, flexible, supportive, synergistic

Many people believe the STORMing stage is "bad".  Some teams get stuck in this stage and suffer for a long time.

The reality is that ALL of life (all of teamwork) is important.  Our job is to learn and grow from the experiences we attract into our lives.

One of my core beliefs is that EVERTHING in my life serves me in some way.

AppleSteve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer, gave the commencement address at Stanford Univeristy this year.  Read his address and learn about "connecting the dots" and remember everything your team is experiencing is there to serve you in some way.  Your job is to be open to the lessons and grow from them (before your competition kicks your butt!).

And Steve, if you read this post, I love your message and I love your computers.  :-)


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