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Teams In Trouble # 1: The Shift to Possibility Thinking

MrpotatoHere's a true story about a team in trouble...

I was contacted by the owner of a restaurant who said his staff was about to mutiny.  The wait staff and the kitchen staff were not on talking terms.  Each group said the others were idiots.  People were quitting.  Revenue was falling like a rock.

What would YOU do in this situation?

How would YOU facilitate and lead this group?

(Yes, there is a reason the Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head is pictured.  Read on...)

To answer this question I've teamed up with my colleague Michael Goldman, president of FacilitationFirst.com.

I'm sharing a teambuilding game that I led with this group that created the opening to allow the group to shift from being angry and closed minded to being open to possibility. 

Michael is sharing an amazingly simple and powerful facilitation process that he has used with hundreds of clients to help teams create the shift to possibility thinking with ease.

This is an exciting collaboration between myself and Michael as we bring you the best of both worlds:  teambuilding games and facilitation skills.

Michael and I plan to lead several of these live teleclasses (teleforums) where we share real life stories of teams in trouble and how we've helped them.  Today we had 120 people on the call with us from all over the world.

Access to the free recording of the teleclass and the written material has expired. 


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