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Training Module Resource

At my multi-media training website ( you'll find lots of resources to help you teach team and leadership skills in a fun and memorable way. But what if you need to train on related topics such as how to lead an effective meeting or how to offer 360 degree feedback or how to negotiate effectively?

Well, I've got great news to report!

Oaktraining_smI've developed an alliance with Oak Training -- a company that has developed a wide assortment of  training "modules" that you can download right now.  When you download a module you own it forever and have permission to edit it, customize it (logos, etc.) and deliver the module as many times as you like.  You receive a Word document, PDF, PowerPoint and comprehensive participant manual and your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 

The modules are designed for trainers, coaches and consultants looking to increase the range of products and services they can offer their clients. Oak Training content is also ideal for managers and employees looking to extend their knowledge of organizational, management and employee titles.

The cost of each module is normally $59.95 however I've worked out a deal with Des Fitzgerald, the owner of Oak Training.  Readers of this blog will receive a 20% discount off any module (no minimum order required).  To receive your 20% discount, enter the coupon code   teachme20  at the checkout stage and your discount will be applied immediately.

And if you're a member of you get a 50% discount off the modules at Oak Training.  Members of - - check your email in-box, I recently sent your special secret discount code via email (if you missed it just send me an email).

Des_fitzgeraldListen to a short interview I did with Des Fitzgerald (that's Des in the photo and yes, he is smiling) as he explains all the benefits and features of Oak Training.

Listen to the interview here (it's an mp3 file)
Download des_fitzgerald_mp3_sm.mp3

PS  Des is offering a free sample module here.

Fun Team Building Activities - - Enhancing Well-Being Through Connection

Earlier today I led a workshop at the Southeast Therapeutic Recreation Symposium entitled "Fun Team Building Activities - Enhancing Well-Being Through Connection".  The people who attend this type of symposium are usually members of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) and they work in the field of therapeutic recreation.

I offered a fun, highly interactive and fast paced workshop for recreataion therapists who work with groups.  I have a strong background in using team building games as a therapeutic tool - - I worked in a wilderness theraphy program for 2.5 years and became a lead instructor.  I loved to use team building games in this environment to teach team and leadership skills.

My friend Dr. Ed Kesgen encouraged me to speak at this event.  Ed is a professor at Western Carolina University who teaches in the field of therapeutic recreation.  Ed is a great guy with an amazing amount of insight and knowledge to share about this field of study.  My hope is that Ed will start to blog so we can all benefit from his knowledge and passion.

NEWS FLASH! Blog update!
It's Monday November 8, 2005 and I just received a phone call from Rob Raynor of the symposium.  Turns out my workshop received the highest ratings at the symposium which means I won the "Ann James Award" which recognizes the outstanding speaker of the symposium.  The award requires excellence in session content, design, delivery, and impact.  Rob invited me to present the SAME workshop at the 2006 conference AND to deliver the closing keynote.  And ofcourse I accepted!  I hope you can come to the 2006 symposium to participate in this award winning presentation!


Moans & Groans about Teambuilding

A Question From A Blog Reader...
(the writer of this question works for a non-profit)
"My biggest concern is how to approach my team with something other than a happy hour and peak Illsick_smthere interest. When I announce team building boy you should hear the moans and groans. There better be rewards or no one wants to participate."

And My Answer...
I know the feeling you are experiencing ("moans and groans") when team building is announced.

Ten years ago I was employed by one of the largest non-profits in the world (YMCA) and ran team and leadership development training for staff, volunteers and community.  When I initially started delivering team and leadership training I thought everyone would love it.  I was wrong.  People didn't associate the training with the mission.  With time I learned how to offer the training in a way that connected people to the advancement of the organizations mission.  People began to know and FEEL (through the activities) that by developing and enhancing team and leadership skills we as a staff would be able to more effectively carry out our mission.

I visited your organization's website and I see that you have a HUGE opportunity.  Your team needs to develop a deep understanding of team skills, and if done in the right way, the training will help create a high performing team - - and high performing teams ALWAYS deliver better products and services which means you help more people with greater ease, job satisfaction and reduced stress.  Everyone wins.

Tap into the passion of your staff.  They show up because they care about the people they serve.

You say "...there better be rewards or no one wants to participate..." -- the rewards are experiencing a more fulfilling life!  The rewards include helping more people, enjoying their co-workers, living a life of purpose and passion.