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Moans & Groans about Teambuilding

A Question From A Blog Reader...
(the writer of this question works for a non-profit)
"My biggest concern is how to approach my team with something other than a happy hour and peak Illsick_smthere interest. When I announce team building boy you should hear the moans and groans. There better be rewards or no one wants to participate."

And My Answer...
I know the feeling you are experiencing ("moans and groans") when team building is announced.

Ten years ago I was employed by one of the largest non-profits in the world (YMCA) and ran team and leadership development training for staff, volunteers and community.  When I initially started delivering team and leadership training I thought everyone would love it.  I was wrong.  People didn't associate the training with the mission.  With time I learned how to offer the training in a way that connected people to the advancement of the organizations mission.  People began to know and FEEL (through the activities) that by developing and enhancing team and leadership skills we as a staff would be able to more effectively carry out our mission.

I visited your organization's website and I see that you have a HUGE opportunity.  Your team needs to develop a deep understanding of team skills, and if done in the right way, the training will help create a high performing team - - and high performing teams ALWAYS deliver better products and services which means you help more people with greater ease, job satisfaction and reduced stress.  Everyone wins.

Tap into the passion of your staff.  They show up because they care about the people they serve.

You say "...there better be rewards or no one wants to participate..." -- the rewards are experiencing a more fulfilling life!  The rewards include helping more people, enjoying their co-workers, living a life of purpose and passion.


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