Is This Teamwork?
Teams In Trouble 4 -- An Issue of Trust

Teams In Trouble # 3: A Training Nightmare And What To Do About It

Training nightmares.  They can happen.

Here's a true story of one that happened to me...

A couple of years ago I was contacted by the principal of a public school and asked to deliver a daylong teambuilding games workshop.  The idea was to help his teaching staff learn how to lead teambuilding games in the classroom with their students. 

I regularly lead this type of workshop for educators so I expected the “normal” program. Silly me.

It was just after lunch, half way through the program, when suddenly two teachers started to cry, accusations were made and two staff members became so angry they jumped in their cars and sped off with gravel flying!

The workshop came to a standstill.  What should I do?  Do I continue on with the workshop?  Do I cancel the workshop and send everyone home?  Do I address what just happened and if so how?

What would YOU do?

I led a lively TeleSeminar with my colleague Michael Goldman of to answer these questions. 

As in previous Teams In Trouble TeleSeminars Michael shared a thought provoking facilitation model that he has successfully used in situations just like the one described.  When you hear the strategy Michael shares you’ll be ready to professionally handle a situation where you’re called into deliver “X” facilitation only to discover at the event that the group needs “Y” and you must change mid-stream. 

I described a teambuilding exercise called "Hidden Numbers" I led with the group that created an opening for them to address the conflict consciously. 

We wrapped it all up with a question and answer period. 

To our amazement and joy we had callers from arond the world including Malaysia and Ghana.

This is an exciting collaboration between Michael and myself as we bring you the best of both worlds:  teambuilding games and facilitation skills.

Access to the free recording of the teleclass and the written material has expired. 


Ebnu Etheris

Hi Tom,
what was suppose to be a Sunday morning 40km ride and 10 km run turned out to become, me sitting in my butt listening to the tele class on teams in trouble.

I started my run at 8.00 am that morning. However in between that 2 hours, the conversations between Michael and you resonated with me intensely. What was a casual browse on yr materials left me scribbling 3 pages of notes that I will use in my own training practise. They were informative and practical, without the monotone, you get sometimes with expert trainers.

My appreciation to both of you and I look forward to the next tele class.

Ebnu Etheris

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