Teams In Trouble # 3: A Training Nightmare And What To Do About It
Stephen M.R. Covey -- The Speed of Trust

Teams In Trouble 4 -- An Issue of Trust

Trust1Trust.  It’s the foundation for all valuable relationships and is at the core of all high performing teams.

But what happens when a team lacks trust?

My colleague Michael Goldman of relates this TRUE STORY of a team in trouble that he was called into work with...

A new product is developed and feedback is needed from within the company to make some critical decisions on how to proceed. 

A diverse group of staff is formed to provide the needed feedback - - only there is a problem.  There is “history” between some of the staff members. 

It’s a trust issue. 

There is reluctance within the group to speak their mind.  It will be a waste of time and energy to bring the group together unless the feedback is honest and unfiltered.  But that’s not going to happen because the staff doesn’t trust each other.

What would you do?

On Wednesday September 28, 2005 Michael and I held a TeleSeminar for over 80 people from around the world to share strategies, tactics and tools for helping a team with trust issues. 

Michael shared a proven tool to help teams  build trust and move forward with speed and grace. 

I shared one of my favorite teambuilding activities that helps teams EXPERIENCE trust.  The activity creates an opening for the group to discuss what trust is and how they want to experience it on a day-to-day basis within the team.

There were some good questions and comments at the end of the call.

Access to the free recording of the teleclass and the written material has expired. 


julie kay

Thanks for last eve's work so well together too. lots of ideas and makes so much sense.



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