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Teams In Trouble 5: Communication Breakdown

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
-- George Bernard Shaw (Nobel Prize winning playwright)

When it comes to communication within a team, Mr. Shaw hit the nail on the head.  Lack of communication (clear, timely, purposeful and considerate communication) is a problem faced by many every team.

And what happens when communication runs afoul on a team?

Team_buildingTRUE STORY...

A VP overhears some employees discussing how poor communication is between regional and corporate offices.  At the next senior management meeting the VP shares what he’s heard to determine the validity. 

And that’s when it happens.

Voices suddenly become raised, fingers start to point, and sweeping statements are made like “Forget about the communication issues between regional and corporate, we don’t communicate properly on this senior management team!” 

Suddenly, the group goes quiet.  The truth has been revealed.

You are the trainer called in to help the team.  What do you do?

On Wednesday October 5, 2005 I led a free teleclass along with my colleague Michael Goldman of to answer this very question.

Michael shared a proven tool to help a team develop an effective communication strategy.  His 2-step process is recommended for assisting a team or department in defining it’s internal (member to member) and external (stakeholders outside the team) communication strategy.

I shared two of my favorite teambuilding activities that help teams EXPERIENCE what it takes to communicate effectively and with focused purpose.

The number of people attending the Teams In Trouble TeleSeminars is growing.  For the first time, we actually ran out of space - - we reached the capacity of the conference bridge line (150 people). 

Access to the free recording of the teleclass and the written material has expired.


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