The Attractor Factor & Team and Leadership Development
Patrick Lencioni asks "Is Your Team Dysfunctional?"

Four States of Consciousness And How It Affects Your Ability To Lead a Team

There are 4 states of consciousness as described by my good friend Barbara Waterhouse

1. To Me
2. By Me
3. Through Me
4. As Me

Icon_audio_9Listen to this 22 minute "recorded live" version of Barbara as she explains the four states of consciousness in detail (click the link below).
Download to_by_through_me_mp3_sm.mp3

The choices we make (individually, as a team, as a nation, as a planet) can only be made from the current state of consciousness that were in.  We can't make choices from a state of consciousness that we're not in.

For example...

If a team leader operates out of the "To Me" state of consciousness you will hear them say such things as:  "They did that to me."  or  "This happened to me."

Consciousness"To Me" consciousness is equivalent to powerlessness.  You'll notice people who operate at this state of consciousness will blame everything (people, government, weather, finances, etc.) for what they experience in their life.

A team leader operating at the "To Me" state of consciousness will experience great difficulty creating a high performing team, much less leading one.

Contrast this with the "By Me" state of consciousness.  This is what my dad taught me growing up.  This state of consciousness says that success is only possible with lots of hard work.  It's the "If it is to be, it's up to me" way of thinking.  If you stop working hard than nothing will happen.  The ego is very much in control at this state of consciousness.  Very little trust exists.  This is a great way to become exhausted.  This is how I've led most of my life.

Now I choose to operate in the "Through Me" state of consciousness.  I confess that it does require my attention to live in this state.  When I'm lazy I move back to the "By Me" state.

Shift your state of consciousness and you'll automatically shift whats possible for you and your team.


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