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Four States of Consciousness And How It Affects Your Ability To Lead a Team

The Attractor Factor & Team and Leadership Development

Do you work hard, do everything right, and yet rarely achieve the results you had hoped for? 

You might be trying to build a better team or lead people in a more effective and conscious way.  You might be trying to become healthier or experience more fulfilling relationships.

So you go to a workshop or read a book or listen to a tape to learn more techniques and you think you're doing everything right and working hard but you never achieve the results you're after.

I've experienced this.  Working hard.  Doing everything I thought I was supposed to do.  And still not quit getting there.

What is the missing piece?

I found the answers I've been looking for in a new book by Dr. Joe Vitale entitled "The Attractor Factor - - 5 Easy Steps For Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out".  This book has 75 five star reviews (the highest rating) at and has been a number one best seller twice at amazon - both times beating out Harry Potter!  Click on the book image to read the reviews yourself.

Joe reveals that success of any kind doesn't depend on what you're doing, it depends on what you're being!  In his book Joe combines time-honored practices of spiritual self-discovery with proven marketing principles into an extraordinary how-to manual for happy living both in and out of business.

Joe_vitale_1 I interviewed Joe recently and we discussed the revolutionary five step process he shares for manifesting whatever you want as well as THE KEY belief you must adopt to create big shifts in your life.

Click on the link below to listen to the 30 minute interview with Joe Vitale.
Download joe_vitale_mp3_sm.mp3

As you'll hear in the interview, the implications of the secrets Joe is sharing are profound.  With this information you can improve every area of your life.

Join us each week to discuss the book.  More info here.

Recordings of the Attractor Factor virtual book study group below:

Download attractor_factor_feb_14_2006_mp3_sm.mp3

Download attractor_factor_22106_mp3sm.mp3

Download attractor_factor_feb_28_sm.mp3

Download attractor_factor_march_7_1.mp3

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Peter Scott

I Have the Attractor Factor Book and am Loving It!

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