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Start with Gratitude

I receive lots of emails from people who have problems with their team and they want to know how to fix them.

The place to start with anything in your life (including problems) is to have gratitude.  Be thankful for the situation you are experiencing.  Know that the situation is perfect and so is your desire to change it.

Whenever I experience some kind of difficulty -- whether it's locking my keys in my car or the sound system going out during my workshop -- I respond with gratitude.  Responding in this way can be a challenge for me sometimes and yet this is my goal - - to respond with gratitude.   

Why would I be thankful for locking my keys out of my car?

This is a tricky one.  I'm not really thankful for locking my keys out of my car so much as I'm thankful for the lesson or gift this event brings me.  You see, I choose to believe I am responsible for everything in my life (listen to my interview with Dr. Vitale) AND everything serves me in some way.

So let's apply this to real life...

I locked my keys out of my car while on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago.  I called AAA to get my rental car unlocked and they said it would take an hour or two to get someone to the car (I was in a remote area).  My wife and I decided this was a good thing and that there must be someone close by that we needed to meet.  So we started looking.

Seaturtle We walked in a couple of shops and then it happened.  We had a great conversation with a shop owner who shared a secret place where sea turtles came in each evening to eat seaweed in a secluded bay.  He encouraged us to take our snorkeling gear down to swim with the sea turtles - -  and we did!  It was pure magic. Had I not locked my keys in the car we would have never found out about the secret sea turtle snorkeling spot.

Start with gratitude.  Know that everything serves you in some way.  Look for the blessing and you will find it.

Check out this cool flash movie about gratitude.  Click here


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