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Team Building Game: Team Labyrinth

Have you ever played with a wooden table top labyrinth?  You have two dials that cause the surface to tilt in any diretion - - this to make a marble move through the labyrinth without falling through a hole. 

The Team Labyrinth is like the table top game only better because it requires a team to play. 

The Team Labyrinth is made of fabric that accepts the "hook" side of Velcro.  The team starts by building the labyrinth - - the walls are made of foam and have "hook" velcro on the bottom so they stick to the fabric.  The "hole's" are made from "hook" Velcro (both sides) and will grab/stop the tennis ball size ball.

Build a labyrinth and take it apart.  Make it hard or make it easy.  I used to build the labyrinth for the team but realized people have as much fun building it as making the ball go through.

I use this activity to get a group looking at the obstacles to success and the strategies to succeed inspite of the obstacles.

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