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Teambuilding Games with Mousetraps

Mousetraps are great for catching mice AND leading teambuilding games. 

I was introduced to mousetraps as a prop for teambuilding by my friend Sam Sikes who authored a great teambuilding games book entitled Raptor (along with many other wonderful books).

Are you looking for an "edgy" teambuilding game designed to build trust and practice coaching skills?  Have people partner up and give each pair one traditional wooden mousetrap.  There are 4 steps to this activity with the final step culminating in Person "A" coaching Person "B" to place their hand right on top of a set mousetrap.  Person "A" can guide Person "B" using verbal communication ONLY (no touching). Person "B" keeps their eyes closed during this step - they must rely on the coaching of Person "A" to keep them safe.  I've led this activity with groups as small as two people and as large as a couple of hundred. If it's led well, it can be an AMAZING experience for all!

Mousetraptrust1 Watch a video clip of the Mousetrap Trust activity and download a complete description of this activity in the members only area of (membership is FREE).

Now for some fun stuff with mousetraps...

Sam Sikes is a master at stacking SET mousetraps.  His record is 51 levels high!  This is remarkable!  Check out this photo of Sam and his record breaking 51 level mousetrap tower...

Mousetraptower (click on any image to enlarge)

And the fun continues...

I couldn't compete with Sam's 51 level tower so I went in a different direction.  Here's a picture of me sitting on a meditation cushion - blindfolded - stacking mousetraps on my head.

Everyone at the Heck household is getting into this mousetrap stacking thing.  Here's a photo of my 7 year old son Joseph who fell asleep stacking mousetraps in bed.



This activity can be found on the TeachMeTeamwork-Vol.1 multimedia training CD


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