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Unknown Talent on Your Team

Jmac It was his team's final home game of the season. Jason McElwain entered with four minutes to go. It was his first and only appearance for the Greece Athena High School basketball varsity team in this Rochester, NY. Jason hit six three-point shots and a 2-pointer and was carried off the court on his teammates' shoulders.

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This was Jason's first and only appearance on the court. Why? Jason is autistic and is the manager of the team (didn't make the team as a player).

Jim Johnson, the coach, was so impressed with Jason's work ethic and dedication that he asked Jason to suit up for the home game finale (with no guarantee he would play).

"He's been my right-hand man, he's there every day and just getting him the opportunity to suit up was emotional enough for me," the coach said. "For him to come in and seize the moment like he did was certainly more than I ever expected."

Jason McElwain is what I call a "sleeper" - someone who is pigeon-holed, someone who's true potential is awakened when given the chance. Who on your team is a "sleeper"?  Who would rise to the occassion if given the chance to "suit up"?  What would it take to release the greatness of everyone on your team?

Would you like to tap the full potential of your team members?  You can do it with one-on-one coaching.


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