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Firing your customers? How to put your team members first

Yesterday I spent $2,000 with a company called and I'm going to give them more of my business because the purchasing experience was great. 

The president of the company David Durovy signed up for my newsletter (I'm not sure how he got the link) and when I saw his email come across my screen I sent him a quick note.  He sent me a thoughtful response along with a link to a news article describing how his company treats his team. 

As you'll read in the article David puts his team first and if a customer is difficult to deal with (read rude or mean) then they fire the customer! 

David says "That was kind of a bold step, but it set a precedent and it gave our people here the confidence that we really cared about how they were being treated."

The reps now have a referral list at their desks, and if they feel uncomfortable dealing with a customer they politely give the name and number of a competitor.

The way to get your team to give outstanding customer service is to treat everyone on your team with respect and admiration.  Put your team members first and then watch how your team members put the customer first.

David may not know it but it sounds like he is a natural Coach Manager.


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