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Make Magazine and Creativity

I just discovered MAKE Magazine at my local magazine rack.  Now this is a magazine I can sink my teeth into!

Rolling Stone magazine says about MAKE Magazine:  "If you're the type who views the warnings not to pry open your computer as more a challenge than admonition, MAKE is for you."Tha

The San Francisco Chronicle says "The kind of magazine that would impress MacGyver."

In Vol. 05 (on news stands now) you can learn how to make a backyard zip line, water rocket, ultimate treehouse, electric wind turbine and more!

I've invented some useful things and not so useful things.  You can see some of my useful things here.

All the highly effective leaders I've known are creative. How do you nurture your creativity?

Have you heard of the company called PLAY ?  This is a company that helps other companies learn how to leverage the creativity of their team to get ahead in the marketplace AND have  fun doing it.  I had the opporutunity to visit Play for 2 days and I'm absolutely impressed with the people there.  And I'm not the only one, Fast Company magazine wrote a glowing article about Play.

Astefanovich_1 Not long ago, I interviewed Andy Stefanovich (pictured) who is the president of Play.  Listen to the audio interview and learn why you should be leveraging the creativity of your team and how to do it.   

Icon_audio_17 Click the link below to listen to the audio interview:
Download andy_stefanovich_mp3_sm.mp3


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