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One of My Team Members Revealed

Curtain The secret to success is building a great team.

I want to reveal one of my most important team members to you.  This man has helped me more than I can say (in this post anyway).  He's been on my team since day one of

His name is John Miles and he and his company have been instrumental in helping me realize my vision of providing team and leadership training 24/7 around the world. 

John is a remarkable web developer and a remarkable person and he has surrounded himself with  remarkable people (his team). 

John and I share a love of lacrosse, having met while playing for the Asheville Men's Lacrosse Club. John and I also share a great passion for all things spiritual.  He is a student of Vipasana meditation and meditates two hours each day.  John is the only web developer I've ever met who I can talk to about creating an "enlightened web presence" AND really get what I'm talking about while also understanding the application of critical web-based business principles.  John understands and delivers simplicity, functionality, beauty and outstanding customer service.

Take your web presence to an entirely new level.  Contact John.


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