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Spanking and Teambuilding

Jury Awards 1.7 Million to Spanked Employee

Alarm company says it was part of a team-building exercise

This headline recently appeared in a news release

Spank2 The jury of six men and six women found that Janet Orlando, 53, was subjected to sexual harassment and sexual battery when she was paddled on the rear end two years ago at Alarm One Inc., a home security company in Fresno. Sales teams were encouraged to compete, and the losers were made fun of, forced to eat baby food, required to wear diapers and spanked with a rival company's yard signs, according to court documents.

Any strategy that shames another person is doomed to fail.  This is a spiritual truth.

In his book "Power vs. Force -- The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior", David Hawkins MD, PhD shares a "Map of Consciousness" which shows that Shame rates at the bottom of the scale (20 out of 1000). 

Shame is an emotion of "humiliation", and holds a God view of "despising", and a life view of "miserable". 

No surprise that the person / company that promotes shame would have such a massive financial penalty levied against them by the jury. 

What would happen if the person who designed the training program that involved spanking coworkers approached their training design from a place of Love (500 on the Map of Consciousness) rather than Shame?

Training designs are either negative / life taking (rating 200 or below) or positive / life giving (rating over 200). 

Can a person who operates primarily at or below 200 design and deliver a training event that rates over 200?

Teams In Trouble #9: Stop Team Member Domination and Unleash the Power of Teamwork!

DominantStudent Only Area

“Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.”
-- William Arthur Ward

Alex is a project manager and he is frustrated. 

He heads up an intact Business Process Improvement team composed of individuals from multiple support functions in the company. They’ve been working on a project aimed at reducing the number of complaints for on-time delivery to their customer groups. 

Alex is the group leader and he’s supposed to have the skills to lead this group and produce results.

But that’s not what’s happening.

A handful of dominant people have hijacked the agenda and now they decide what gets discussed and action planned.

The passive members aren’t speaking up.  Participation has dropped off.  Alex has met privately with the more passive team members and encouraged them to speak up and participate but little has changed. 

He’s asked you to come in and facilitate his team with the hope that they will start leveraging their collective strength.

How do you get the best input from ALL participants?

How do you most effectively create an environment where idea creation is easy and natural? 

The Teams In Trouble TelSeminar series is delivered live by Tom Heck of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators and Michael Goldman of

Michael shares a proven strategy to reduce the negative effects of dominant leaders while showing how you can leverage the power of the team. 

I shared one of my favorite teambuilding activities that creates an awareness among the team members as to the cost of “going it alone” vs. working as an empowered high functioning team. 

When you purchase access to the class recording of this 60 minute TeleSeminar you'll also receive all of the class notes and resources.

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