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Assessments for Team Building

Test I've used a variety of assessments in my quest to help good teams become great teams. 

In the course of my research I found an assessment that will accurately predict an individual’s likelihood to succeed in a leadership role.

This assessment is so good, so accurate, it has been used in a court of law.

The assessment is taken online and is a state of the art, performance predicting, "psychometric" assessment tool suitable for selecting new leaders and developing existing leaders.

This assessment is packed with facilitation and coaching points that can be used to identify and capitalize on an individual’s greatest strengths.

If you qualify, you are eligible to take a FREE assessment online.  Learn more about this assessment here.

Jay_kipps I recently contacted Jay Kipps who is an assessment expert.  I asked Jay to help me gain greater clarity on this business of assessments.  I recorded the call so you can listen and learn about what makes a valid assessment and how to use them.  Click on the link below to listen to the interview.

Download jay_kipps_2_mp3_sm.mp3

Here is a document that identifies 12 criteria to use when selecting an assessment.  It's entitled "Assessing the Assessor -- Choosing The Right Profiling Tool For Your Training Business"

Download assessing_the_assessors.pdf



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