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Crucial Confrontations - An Interview with Ron McMillan

Ron_mcmillan_3 How do you resolve broken promises, violated expecations and bad behavior AND do it in a way that will actually strengthen the relationship?

This is the question Ron McMillan answers in his 2005 book Crucial Confrontations which became a NY Times Best Seller.

One of my favorite writers on teams and organizational development is Tom Peters and he says "If you read only one management book this decade I'd insist that it be Crucial Confrontations.

Today I interviewed Ron and we start off by clarifying what a "crucial confrontation" is and is not.  He outlines the 3 criteria that make a confrontation crucial:

  1. High stakes
  2. Opposing opinions
  3. Strong emotions

Crucial_confrontations We then discussed the 4 primary mistakes people make when confronting others and then Ron provides solutions for each.

Icon_audio_20 Click the link below to listen to the 50 minute audio interview in mp3 format:

Download ron_mcmillan_sm.mp3

Learn more about Ron McMillan and his great work here.


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