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George Washington -- A Model For Leading Teams In a Crisis

George_washington I just finished an amazing and utterly delightful book entitled "1776" which covers that momentous year in U.S. history.

This book by esteemed historian David McCullough had me on the edge of my seat. 

Early on in the book I came to the conclusion that there was NO WAY the Americans were going to win.  How could they?  George Washington was taking a rag tag army (with no navy) up against the most powerful military force the world had yet seen. Right up to the very end of the book I continued to think there was no way to beat the British.

While growing up, my dad had history books all over the house but I was never interested.  My interest in history has grown lately, especially after reading The Fourth Turning.  I'm especially interested in the "winter" phase of history (see the Fourth Turning) - - the American Revolution happened during a winter (crisis) phase (season).

1776 has received a rating at of 4.5 stars (out of 5 stars) from 446 reviews because it is THAT good.

Reading this book helped me realize how tenuous the situation was.  I have a great deal of admiration for George Washington and all of the people who helped make the United States of America a reality. 

And on a lighter note...

Hands "Hail To The Chief" (with flourishes) is the song played for and most commonly associated with the president of the US.  Follow this link to view someone who can play this song with their hands (and only their hands)!


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