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TeleSeminar: The Power of Games to Teach and Inspire

Audience1 I'm leading a 90 minute LIVE AND IN PERSON workshop entitled "The Power of Games To Teach and Inspire" at the Coachville Conference in Chicago on May 10, 2006 and it would fun to see you there. 

This is a conference for anyone who is a coach (life or business) or wants to learn more about coaching. 

In my sessioin we will play a variety of games with our teams (conference attendees will be pre-assigned to learning teams). You will find out how you relate to playing, competing, winning and losing which is essential to your life as a coach. At the same time you will learn about how YOU can use powerful games in your workshops and training events and coaching.  The ideas will transform the way you teach forever.

There will be lots of great speakers at the conference and a very cool special bonus I'm looking forward to - - an early screening of the movie Peaceful Warrior which is based on one of my favorite all time books "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman (Dan will be at the conference!)

Dave Buck, the president and CEO of Coachville invited me to lead a live teleconfernce call for any who might be interrested in my Coachville Conference workshop.  During this call I shared a couple of teambuilding games and we discussed insights about using games in a coaching situation.  Click on the link below:

Icon_audio_21 Download dave_buck_coachville_sm.mp3


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