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Explore the 7 Deadly Sins of Assessments

Have you thought about using assessments to help your team?

How do you know which assessment to use?  After all, I just Googled the phrase 'team assessment' which resulted in 174 million (MILLION!!) websites to visit and study!

Selecting the right assessment tool for your team can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

I don't have time to search haystacks so I went in search of experts instead. 

On June 28 I hosted a special 55 minute teleseminar with Jay Kipps, noted assessment tool expert.  Jay's company administers over 8,000 assessments each week in 24 countries (23 languages).  Having delivered over 3 million assessments, Jay's company has an amazing amount of experience to draw on - - experience that you can benefit from.  Why reinvent the wheel?

In this live teleseminar recording, you'll learn the biggest and most common mistakes of selecting, administering and leveraging assessments for teams. 

Three of the 7 Deadly Sins:
- - Confusing screening and selection
- - Using skill or IQ tests to predict performance
- - Using Type Indicators as performance predictors

This 55 minute recording will help you become an informed consumer so you're fully prepared the next time you need to use an assessment with your team or a team member.

This teleseminar recording includes lots of questions from the live audience.

Download 7_sins_of_assessments_1.mp3

Download a copy of the teleseminar notes below

Download common_assessment_mistakes.pdf

Download an article entitled "Assessing The Assessors -- Choosing The Right Profiling Tool For Your Training Business"

Download assessing_the_assessors.pdf


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