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Teams In Trouble: Strategies for Consensus - How To Avoid False Agreements

TeleSeminar: How You Can Build a Large (25,000+) Mailing List And Change The World

How many people do you want to influence?

When I created the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators I knew I wanted to influence as many people as possible.

When I started out I had one subscriber to my newsletter - - me!  Now, 3 1/2  5 years later there are over 25,000 40,000 subscribers to the IATF e-newsletter.

On July 26, 2006 I led a live TeleSeminar where I shared the 4 key strategies I’ve used to build the IATF list which has allowed me to touch people’s lives around the world.

You'll hear me share a recent success story of how I leveraged my list, provided great value and generated $10,000 in sales in just 5 days (all with integrity).  As my friend Mark Silver says, you can do your great work (your heart centered work) in this world AND make money doing it.

In the recording you'll also hear me share some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. 

Perhaps you have a grand vision to implement.  You want to share your gifts with the world.  You want to help thousands of people live a better life.  You want to sell products that improve lives.  You want to build strategic alliances with like-minded people.  You want to expand your own consciousness.  You want to have fun and think big. Building a large newsletter subscriber list has helped me do all of this.

Now I'd like to help you learn the secrets needed to build your list.

Check out the comments from the participants below.  You'll see that the recording provides REAL strategies that work.

Purchase this recording now $79  CLICK HERE

NOTE:  This recording is only available for IATF members.  Become a member CLICK HERE


Pam Pound

Tom - Your teleseminar "How I built a Community of 25000" was highly informative and valuable. Your 4 strategies are clearly on the mark, and your examples and stats made a compelling case for me to change my approach. I particularly liked your taking time to solicit and address our specific questions. Thanks for sharing! Pam Pound

Bruce Mulkey

Your TeleSeminar on increasing e-newsletter subscribers was engaging, cogent, and clear. I came away with a number of ideas that I intend to implement and hope to learn more from you on this topic. In addition, I appreciated your forthrightness and your authenticity. Overall a compelling presentation with plenty of opportunities to interact with you and the other participants.

Paul Cummings

Tom - The recent teleseminar on building a community of 25,000 was inspiring. We are putting the techniques you so eloquantly shared to work right away. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us and helping all of us share our skills and abilities with more people. Paul Cummings, Trainers and Developers Advisory

Andrew Long

Tom's "How I Built a Community of 25,000
TeleSeminar" is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to build a responsive online list. The call offers valuable tips, insights and resources to build your list. I considered myself quite web-savvy, however tomorrow I will be implementing some of the concepts Tom generously shared on the call. Tom clearly has everyone's best interests in mind and genuinely wants to help you get your important message out to the world. I encourage you to listen to the call and implement the learning contained therein.
Andrew Long

David Wood

A practical teleseminar with heart - lots of information that can be implemented immediately.
Toms authenticity is a key piece.

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