Teambuilding Game: Warp Speed
Tom Heck to speak at the Adventure Group Symposium

Tom Heck interviewed by Scott Chesney on Internet Radio Program "Maximizing Life"

A couple of years ago I had the great opportunity to work as a lead trainer at Discovery Camp, a leadership program for teens created by the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

My job was to help train the teachers who accompanied the students to the camp.  I taught the teachers how to use experiential teambuilding games to build community in the classroom.  I also taught how to integrate the games into the existing curriculumn so as to drive home important lessons.

It was a powerful and transformational camp filled with teachers and students who were committed to improving themselves and the world.  Be sure to watch the video clips when you visit the link to the camp.

One of the people I met at Discovery Camp was Scott Chesney.  Scott is a motivational speaker and success coach who now has an internet radio program entitled "Maximizing Life with Scott Chesney".  Scott interviewed me today with the topic being "Maximizing Teamwork".

It was my first time being interviewed on live radio.  Having to pay attention to commercial breaks was fun.

Listen to the interview here.


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