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Audio Interview: Dr. Jim Cain -- In Defense of Adventure Based Education

"Teambuilding is nice but we've got work to do around here."

Have you ever heard that statement or a variation of it?

Dr. Jim Cain has.  He's an award winning team skills trainer and author of many books including Teamwork & Teamplay.

Dr. Cain travels widely training educators of all types.  Many of these educators need to "make the case" for experiential learning when they return to their facilities.  To help people in this situation, Dr. Cain has authored a detailed article entitled "In Defense of Adventure-Based Education and Active Learning Opportunities".  Download the article by clicking on the link below.

Download InDefenseOfAdventureBasedEducation.pdf

Click on the link below to hear Dr. Jim Cain make the case for Adventure Based Experiential Learning.

Download dr. Jim Cain mp3.mp3


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