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Newsletter of September 1, 2006

New Collaboration Tool: Writely


Do you work with others on projects such as program and training designs, workshop handouts, pre-event questionnaires, pamphlets, books, etc.?  If yes, then you need to know about a product called Writely.

Writely is a web based word processor.  With Writely you can:

  • Share documents instantly & collaborate real-time.
  • Pick exactly who can access your documents.
  • Edit your documents from anywhere.
  • Nothing to download -- your browser is all you need.
  • Store your documents securely online.

My sources tell me Google just purchased the company and the product.  It looks like this is one of many anticipated moves on Google's part to provide an entire suite of office software.  And, amazingly, it's free!


Ann Ross

Would like to learn more!

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