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Team Theory: A Venn Diagram Showing How To Create an Effective Teambuilding Game

John Venn (1834 - 1923) was a British philosopher and mathematician who created Venn diagrams in an effort to simplify the explanation of relationships between concepts. 

While leading a workshop at an International Coach Federation conference I asked the workshop participants to help me create a Venn that would show the three main elements of a "successful teambuilding activity".  Here's what we came up with (click on the image to enlarge):


Download the PDF explaining this Venn
Download venn_of_team_games.pdf


Mike Martin

Tom, great blog...lots of valuable info. Not sure if you remember me, but we met at the Adventure Hardware Symposium in Asheville NC some years ago now. We were both leading workshops, I came out from California...In any case, good stuff, got this bookmarked.

As it relates to the post, a colleague and I just sat down and came up with a similar set of ideology around the same topic. Feel free to check out the post on our new blog,, second post from the bottom (don't want to put the direct link here because the URL is so long ;) ) Hope to reconnect down the road, looks like you have been up to some interesting things as always. Cheers...

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