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TeleSeminar: Scavenger Hunts for Large Groups and How To Lead Them

Do you understand how to lead scavenger hunts to build team skills?

On November 8, 2006 I invited teambuilding scavenger hunt expert Andrew Long to a Q&A conference call session.  The turn out was fantastic.  Seems there's lots of people interested in this topic. 

Andrew_long_2_1 Andrew knows a thing or two about designing and running scavenger hunts as teambuilding events - - this year his company will run over 200 of them in cities all over North America.

During the call I put Andrew in the hot seat and started asking loads of questions.  I wanted to find out as many secrets as I could in 60 minutes.  In addition to my questions, Andrew fielded questions from those on the call.

  • What is a typical program design?
  • How many people per team?
  • How long does a good scavenger hunt last?
  • Do you let people use their cell phones during the event?
  • What about "interference" from "Joe pedestrian"?
  • What are some big no-no's for scavenger hunts?

Andrew answered all these questions and more!  He even provided a 10% off coupon you can use if you want to hire his company to run a program..

Click on the link below to download the special 10% OFF discount coupon provided by Andrew Long:

Listen to the 55 minute recording of this TeleSeminar by clicking on the link below:


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