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TeleSeminar: The Flakey Five – Avoid creating another flakey teambuilding event with these five principles

Here’s a true flakey teambuilding story…

A software development company wants to do a teambuilding session during the semi-annual all staff retreat.  It’s a four day long event and the CEO has allotted three hours for the teambuilding session. That was red flag number one.  Three hours for teambuilding?

Rafting Red flag number two:  When I asked the CEO when the last team training event was, he had to pause and look at his assistant (also in the meeting) and they guessed it was two years ago.  “We went rafting” he said.  “Did you cover any training content?” I asked. “No.  All we did was paddle down the river.  It was fun.” 

The CEO was doing nothing to promote and advance a culture of teamwork among his staff of 150 people.  And his organization was feeling the pain.

The CEO knew he needed to do “something” so he thought a teambuilding workshop would solve the problem.  At the same time he reported feeling that teambuilding was “fluffy” and that people (his staff) should know how to work together.  "I pay them to work together!"  Red glad number three.

Fast forward to the training event… 

There was a huge amount of pent up frustration among the staff and you could feel it with each teambuilding activity and debrief.  The staff had so much to say and we had only three hours - - not nearly enough time.

To top it off, the CEO was consistently eroding trust in each of the teambuilding exercises.  His excuse?  “It’s just a game!  Ease up! Let’s have some fun!”

The training was a near waste of time and money on everyone’s part. 

Flakey.  That’s how I describe this training event.  Flakey is irrelevant. 

Now I know better.  Through this and other experiences, I’ve come to learn five key principles that, when violated, increase the likelihood that your program will be flakey.

I call them the “Flakey Five”

On Wednesday October 18, 2006 I’m leading a live TeleSeminar where I’ll share the Flakey Five.  Your job is to be on that call so you can learn to avoid them so you can make your next training event mean something long term.

Here are the details:

Title of This Special TeleSeminar:
The Flakey Five – Avoid creating another flakey teambuilding event with these five principles

What You Get:

  1. 55 minute LIVE TeleSeminar with experienced TeleSeminar leader and Teamwork Coach Tom Heck
  2. Recording of the TeleSeminar in mp3 format.
  3. Time with Tom during the Q&A session to get your questions answered. 

Registration Fee: $37