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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a cracker jack leader of teams and one who drags?

When I first started out in this field I would observe skilled teamwork facilitators and wonder how they managed to help a team evolve so quickly. 

It was most evident in the discussions that followed the teambuilding games. These expert facilitators would hear things I didn’t and that’s because (I later found out) they had trained themselves to listen in a new way.

They were listening to the team to pickup on key pieces of information they would use to help the team make the required shift.

It all seemed very magical.  The group would talk.  The facilitator would listen.  A few pertinent and (sometimes) pointed questions later, the team was ready to move forward.

All because the facilitator was listening in a different way.

There are 8 key things to listen for when working with groups (or individuals).  They are subtle and yet powerful.  When you listen for them you will begin to be a much more effective leader and facilitator of teams. 

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